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After five years of planning the Bits Missing team crossed the north channel on the 20th June 2022 in an amazing time off 15 hrs 8 mins and 13 seconds. The conditions on the day were perfect with no wind and despite the jellyfish each swimmer gave their all and pushed through.

Swimmer Jonty Warneken commented “I felt a huge amount of pride in what we had achieved, relief that it was over after 5 years in the planning. But mostly pride at what a group of amputees can achieve even having never met before”

The team who were supported by Gavin Campbell, our prosthetic manager in Belfast raised money for various charities such as the Teenage Cancer Trust. Level Water and OpenCountry with a current combined total of £10,116 raised.

Swimmer Mary Clewlow commented “ It was an unbelievable feeling to think we had smashed out a world’s first! I was exhausted too but so proud of our team! I did think back to the day I lost my left leg when I was diagnosed with bone cancer and I thought wow whoever thought back then I would be doing this challenge forty years later

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