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We join the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) in celebrating the prosthetics and orthotics profession, and recognising the importance of these important roles in patient wellbeing, health and rehabilitation.

The Ability Matters Group is proud to be one of the largest prosthetic and orthotic service providers within the UK. With a team of over 700 staff and clinicians working across 60+ sites, delivering a complete range of services for both upper and lower limb loss. All focussed on supporting their patient’s needs.

As Opcare Prosthetists and Orthotists celebrate their profession, we are grateful for their services. Thank you!

“I am proud to be a prosthetist/orthotist and think it is wonderful that we get to showcase our incredible profession by celebrating the Prosthetists & Orthotists Day. This is our chance to show other AHP’s and healthcare professionals what is unique about us. We can make a huge impact on our patients lives, whether it’s helping someone with pain relief by providing an orthotic device or enabling someone to walk again following an amputation. Being a P&O professional is a truly rewarding job.” – Sioned Steventon, Assistant Clinical Lead Prosthetist