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This month paralympian javelin thrower Scott Moorhouse has written an article in Step Forward magazine about the legacy of the Paralympics. It is a very interesting piece, giving a perspective on the Olympics from a competitor and his hopes for the development of disability sports going forward.
During it he refers to his Nabtesco NK6 knee:
“I have been using a Nabtesco knee joint, supplied by my NHS clinic, for over a year for javelin. I do everything on it – run, bound, Olympic lift – it is great!”
Scott is one of the many very satisfied patients that have been using this knee. The NK6 hydraulic knee performs beautifully for users of medium to high activity levels, and with its ergonomic stance phase characteristics combined with simple, effective swing phase control, patients can benefit from its smooth and natural gait pattern. The optional lock means that this a fantastic choice for primary patients who need increased security initially, but are expected to increase their activity level and self confidence.