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In March Ortho Europe announced the launch of the Alpha TruSeal Liner. WillowWood’s first sealing liner for transfemoral amputees makes donning and doffing easy and hassle-free.

The TruSeal Liner has been very well received so far with Prosthetists, here’s what they have had to say so far:

“Finally I found an AK sealing liner which won’t bother if the stump is conical or cylindrical. My patient loved the feeling of the liner compared to the traditional seal liners available on the market. Also, donning the socket is much easier with the smooth fabric less while having a superb seal. No lubricant needed.” – Ali Khan

“Was a really good seal, I was skeptical by how… small the seal rings looked… but even with a not overly tight fit, the seal was really solid, so that was impressive.” – Charles Ellis

“A skin-friendly positive suspension solution. Easy to don and doff without lubricants and which appears, so far, to be very durable.” – Nigel Davis

TruVolume control ✓
Accommodates +2.5% Volume change, with VMPs up to +4%.

TruSuction ✓
Exceptional seal quality with four integrated sealing fins in a unique stepped design molded directly into the Alpha TruSeal liner body.

TruDurability ✓
Unsurpassed seal quality with a fabric-less satin surface that resists abrasion and extends liner life.

To find out more about the Alpha TruSeal Liner, please click here.