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Diabetes can lead to additional complications with a client’s feet; specialist management is required to maintain healthy skin and nails. If circulation problems and problems with sensation called neuropathy in medical terms, occur this can elevate the risk of further complications with diabetic feet. It is of the utmost importance that feet are checked regularly, and any minor wounds, blisters or abrasions are closely monitored and treated appropriately to stop more serious problems developing.

We offer a range of diabetic specification footwear which is designed with a seem free vamp, padded collars and diabetic safe lining materials. Footwear for diabetic feet is normally supplied with a custom made total contact insole which helps to distribute pressure under the foot.

A biomechanical assessment will often help optimise the design of the shoes to further minimise the risk to your foot health, our RS-scan pressure plate can also highlight areas of peak plantar pressure and exaggerated time under pressure which is a significant factor in foot ulceration.