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With SmartTemp Gel’s game-changing heat absorption technology!

As the weather (hopefully!) gets hotter and we can go out more, the heat and excessive sweat may be a real problem for amputees. However, patients can experience less sweat with the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liners.

How does it work?

Designed by NASA, the heat absorption technology allows the SmartTemp gel liner to absorb and store heat from the residual limb, and delay the onset of sweat. The liner then releases the stored heat as the body cools down, stabilising the skin temperature.

Sy Bridenbaugh, an amputee for 16 years, shares his experience…
“It is an absolute game-changer for me. It absolutely improved my quality of life.”
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The SmartTemp gel liners from WillowWood are built to keep the patient cool and comfortable all year round. The liner reduces sweat, which minimises chafing and skin irritation, while the premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel helps the user stay comfortable no matter what they’re doing. Participants in randomised clinical studies experienced a 48% reduction in perspiration compared to standard gel liners!

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