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Prosthetic liners are an indispensable element of any prosthetic leg and play an important role in enhancing patient confidence and comfort. However, there are other important factors that should be considered when selecting a suitable liner to ensure it meets the patient’s needs, these include durability and security.
Alpha TruSeal, an innovative new sealing liner from WillowWood, meets all these considerations and is designed to deliver ultimate comfort, security, and durability. TruSeal is ideally suited for above the knee amputees of all activity levels, and patients with conical stumps.

Here are 3 reasons why TruSeal could be an ideal match for your patient:

1. Comfort

Given that 84% of amputees wear their prosthesis an average of 12 hours a day, comfort is vital. Helping to achieve a comfortable and easy fit for the patient can really make a difference in helping them to walk again and improve their quality of life.
The TruSeal liner is very comfortable to wear due to the interface being made of a lower durometer silicone, which offers enhanced cushioning but minimum bulk. This silicone, as well as the satin outer finish, also aids in a smooth and comfortable donning experience that minimises any distal strain whilst rolling on. The fabricless design also makes it easier to clean.

TruSeal is designed to accommodate a wide range of daily volume fluctuations due to the combination of a mesh fabric embedded within the silicone that adapts to volume change, combined with the stepped fin design which maintains consistent socket contact.

2. Durability

Cushioning and comfort inevitably must be balanced with durability. As prosthetic liners will be worn by patients every day, it is important to consider the level of durability they provide.

The platinum-cured silicone TruSeal liner with its satin finish and embedded fabric mesh helps to reduce wear and protects the liner from rips, tears, and abrasion, thus extending its usable life. Its one-piece design ensures seal durability and a longer life span.
For convenience the TruSeal liner’s AK Symmetrical profile has a universal orientation, which means whichever way the user pulls it onto the limb is the correct way. It also reduces repeated stress on isolated locations, further extending its lifespan.

3. Security

The criterion for choosing a prosthetic liner goes beyond comfort and functionality. Security is commonly acknowledged as the most important aspect of a prosthesis. Whether the liner will maintain a close fit and minimise movement within the socket is of critical importance for maintaining healthy and active lifestyles.

The TruSeal design features 4 moulded sealing fins which create two points of contact, per fin, against the socket wall, resulting in consistent, secure socket contact which provides the user with the confidence to be as active as they want to be knowing that their prosthesis is secure.
For additional security and reassurance silicone volume management pads are available which allow for the accommodation of more significant volume fluctuations. These can be placed in the optimal location to ensure the seal is maintained.

TruSeal is in stock and available to order now from Ortho Europe and for first time users a 30-day free trial is available. To find out more please visit or email

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