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The Ability Matters Group is proud to have over 30 Opcare clinics in the UK with prosthetists and orthotists who deliver a complete range of services for both upper and lower limb loss, working hard to support the patient’s needs.

It is therefore a delighted to Join The British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) in celebrating the prosthetics and orthotics profession and recognise the importance of these roles for patient wellbeing, health and rehabilitation.

Nicky Eddison, Chair of BAPO’s Professional Affairs Committee said:
“It’s incredibly important to shine a light on the great work Prosthetists and Orthotists do every day, highlight the positive impact we have on our service users and to take the time to celebrate our profession. I hope the new national P&O Day will raise the profile of our professions, highlight the difference we make to people’s lives and help our wider colleagues gain a better understanding of the work we do and our unique skill set.”

Today Opcare Prosthetists and Orthotists will be celebrating their profession and the benefit these roles have for those patients who access the services they provide.

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