Marian and Her Customized AFO Journey

Marian had been struggling with her off the shelf AFO that was fitted inside her shoe. Marian has right side isolated dorsiflexor weakness, secondary to L5 disc compression and lesser toe deformities. The combination of an in shoe AFO with lesser toe deformities was causing skin breakdown on her dorsal interphalangeal joints.

For these reasons we opted to the 3DP conventional AFO. It provided the right level of support and did not have to be fitted inside her footwear, meaning for room for her toes. The simplicity of the custom 3DP AFO was extremely lightweight and maximised the space inside the shoes. The AFO is also easy to transfer between other adapted shoes.

“It is utter BLISS being able to transfer AFOs to a variety of different shoes. The difference between the two is MEGA unbelievable. Just beyond me!”