Rob and His Inspiring 3DP Toxo AFO Journey

When we met Rob his main issue was the skin breakdown under the 5th metatarsal head of his left foot. Rob had a spinal cord injury that left him with paralysis in all four limbs. Rob is extremely motivated to stay as active as possible and set backs like skin breakdowns are frustrating. Our goal was to design an orthosis that would be able to reduce the risk of breakdowns when Rob is doing all the activities that make him happy.

Alongside Rob’s Physiotherapy team at The Independent Physiotherapy Service we agreed the best prescription for Rob. We started by scanning Rob’s left lower limb, while maintaining the optimaly alignment. We designed the orthosis to incorporate a hinge that would allow for flexibility when going from sitting, to standing. We added an antivirus strap, forefoot padding and offloading and finished the design off with a high definition hydro-dipped finish.

Rob’s current 3DP Toxo AFO prescription has made a huge impact on his day to day life. The reduced the incidence of skin breakdown meaning Rob can continue his daily standing routine and continue to attend both Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

“I love my AFOs simply because it reduces the fact that my foot may breakdown. If my foot doesn’t break down, I’m able to do everything I could want. Without the AFO I wouldn’t be able to that, so thank you!”