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How winter sports can have an impact on your body

Skiing and snowboarding are sports which are demanding on the body, especially the knees.

The Problems

The foot/ankle complex is well supported within the boots providing relatively  good structural control, however if you have a pronated or supinated foot position this can translate into unwanted rotation which acts on the whole mechanics of the body.  Also, with the feet being relatively static within the boots, this can create localised high pressure underneath the feet creating a burning sensation and pressure under the balls of the feet.

When looking at the knees, they are not very well protected and the ligaments surrounding the knee joint are subject to very high forces due to the sidewards pressure placed on them when performing turns.  This puts the knees at increasing risk of injury.

For those individuals that have had problems with their knees, lack of support around the knee joint can not only make the symptoms worse but lead to significant damage to the structures which make up the knee joint.

Some of the common conditions that can affect the participant of winter sports are:

To continue to enjoy your sport it is important that you remain injury free.  Many of the conditions listed above can by prevented by a thorough biomechanical assessment and the provision of corrective orthotics.

The Problems

The Solutions

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