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Specialists in Orthotics for Sport

Whether you enjoy cycling, football, running or winter sports professionally or for pleasure, your health and fitness is key. But what happens if you suffer an injury or have a medical condition that affects your feet, ankles, knees or another part of your body? As well as damaging your performance. poor treatment could hinder your recovery. But there is a solution.

Sports Clinics

At Crispin Orthotics we work with sports patients throughout the UK. Our expertise in biomechanics enables us to create bespoke orthoses such as shoes and insoles that prevent, correct or relieve symptoms. And with us it’s personal. Every individual patient has an individual condition that requires an individual solution which is why our orthotics service covers everything from assessment to fitting to aftercare.

To find out more about our expert team of clinicians and manufacturing technicians, our pioneering products and our quality service, just call 0113 2528866 or click here.

Running & Athletics

Rugby & Football


Winter Sports

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