Hear From Dylan With His Custom Build AFOs

At Crispin Orthotics we have a range of lightweight ankle and foot orthoses, combining aesthetic and dynamic properties without functional compromise.  With years of clinical expertise at their fingertips, our clinical and technical teams are leaders in their fields using their knowledge and expertise as well as cutting-edge technology to produce the best possible treatment outcomes that make a difference to the lives of our patients.

When 10-year-old Dylan, who suffers from the lifelong condition Dystrophy Cerebral Palsy, was referred to Crispin due to ill-fitting AFOs, Clinical Services Manager and Orthotist Doug Young and his team knew exactly what to do.

Dylan had previously used off-the-shelf AFO’s but he often complained that they were uncomfortable. They were also prone to breaking due to weak hinges.  Using an iPad with a built-in structure sensor scanner to develop dense, real-time geometry, Doug was able to create precise 3D models with high-resolution textures, quickly and efficiently so that Dylan’s new custom build AFOs would perfectly fit his individual requirements.

And because we can offer unique designs from block colours to hydrographic finishes which make our Additive Orthoses range some of the most aesthetic available, Dylan was able to design his own personal finish – and he chose Sonic!  Needless to say he absolutely loves them and as is the case with most of our little patients, he actually wants to wear them.  The hinges on his new AFOs are far more robust and durable than his previous ones, and the accurate fit means Dylan is more comfortable, increasing his confidence and making a big difference to his mobility.

Dylan’s parents commented:

‘‘We have seen a big difference in Dylan’s mobility, and he never complains of discomfort from his AFOs anymore.  Being able to personalise them definitely makes them more appealing for children and helps with getting them to wear them. We have seen a big difference in Dylans mobility, and he never complains of discomfort from his AFOs anymore. The soft lining definitely makes them more comfortable. Thank you!”