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Crispin Orthotics Specialist Approach

At Crispin Orthotics, we realise that Orthotic devices are not just products to provide functional control. These are devices which are worn by people, often for long periods of time. Therefore when considering the design of our Orthotic products we also consider how the orthosis looks and how it feels. In addition to offering Additive Orthoses we offer silicone products.

Silicone Orthotics

Silicone is recognised within healthcare as a material that mimics our own skin more than any other material.  It can provide very comfortable orthotic devices and minimise the chance of a device creating pressure.  It can also be very cosmetic in appearance.

Unfortunately within the orthotic industry silicone use has been very limited and very expensive.  At Crispin Orthotics, we have developed a manufacturing process which has made these products more cost effective whilst retaining all the benefits.

One product area which benefits significantly from the use of silicone is ankle foot orthoses (AFO’s).  We can manufacture a silicone AFO which is an intimate fit to the leg whilst providing functional control, and through our unique printing process, you can have any colour or pattern on the device at no extra cost.

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Silicone Presentation

A brief introduction of silicone Orthotics manufactured by Crispin Orthotics