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Gait Analysis

Being able to accurately assess how you walk and how this can be improved is one of this most important aspects in the provision of your Orthotic device.

For the provision of any lower limb orthotic device its important that the clinician you see can assess your walking accurately.  To achieve this, we have various methods we can use:

Clinical Observation

All Orthotists are trained in observational gait analysis, whereby they have the skills to assess your gait by watching you walk.  This is used for all our patients and quite often is the only requirement for analysing your walking unless you present with a more complex gait pattern, or one with subtle changes that are difficult to pick up by eye only.

Video Analysis

At Crispin Orthotics we have the ability to assess your walking through filming your walking from front/behind and side views.  The video cameras are linked to our analysis software in which you can see your walking in realtime.  We can also place markers on your joints to find accurate angles and use videos as a comparison for before and after Orthotic provision.  See the video to the right.

X-Sens Gait Analysis

Crispin Orthotics have a high-tech wireless gait analysis system, which utilises inertia sensors and gyroscopes to determine body segment positions. This allows us to quickly and effectively analyse how the body moves and the response to any prescribed orthoses in real-time. The X-Sens Gait Analysis system also allows us to collect 3D data on joint angles, segment movements and centre of mass, in addition to walking speed, step length and time spent in each gait phase.

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