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Our History

Based in Leeds, Crispin was founded in 1985 to provide high-quality custom footwear solutions for the Orthotic industry. It remained a small family run organisation until a change in ownership from 2001. Now the Crispin team are proud to offer some of the most advanced additive orthoses in the World.

The team which is clinically led, are always eager to introduce innovative solutions to the industry.

These include 3D scanning, Pre preg carbon fibre, silicone laminations, subtractive manufacturing and more recently additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D printing.

The 3D printing industry was rapidly progressing, allowing Crispin to move away from prototypes to being pioneers in the manufacture of end use products for our patients, providing improved function, aesthetics and comfort when compared to traditional orthotic products.

The positive outcomes achieved demonstrated a demand for 3D printed orthotic products and the requirement for Crispin to further develop.  In May 2022 this vision became a reality, when we were acquired by Ability Matters Group, the largest Prosthetic and Orthotics service provider in the UK.

The team at Crispin have ambitious plans to develop the range of products further, creating innovative orthotic and prosthetic solutions.

Revolutionising movement technology.

Our Crispin Milestones

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