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Silicone Orthotics

Crispin Orthotics have introduced silicone within the manufacture of our orthoses due to its exceptional biocompatability and the optimal outcomes that it can provide your patients.

The benefits of silicone are:

• Shear force reduction – The viscoelasticity of silicone resists shear flow and strain, simulating our own soft tissue more than any other Orthotic material
• Inert – Minimising any soft tissue reactions and chemical interaction with wounds
• Low toxicity – Does not support microbial growth
• High gas permeability – High oxygen permeability
• Non absorbent – Important in wound care by resisting fluid absorption
• High thermal stability – Silicone has a stable chemical structure of -100 to 250 Celsius which allows for high temperature cleaning of the devices
• Durability – Our silicone total contact insoles are very resistant to compressive and shear forces which ensures their longevity is beyond that of conventional TCIs

Total Contact Insoles

Our silicone total contact insoles are manufactured to a foam impression or cast of your patient.  There are various density grades of the material and they can be combined within the same orthosis.  Rectification of the casts can also be performed as within standard total contact insoles.  Our lead times are 2 weeks to completion following receipt of cast.

For prices, material swatches and further information please contact us on 0113 2528866 or email  Silicone TCI specification sheets can be found in our document request page.

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Silicone Hybrid Orthotics

Our silicone hybrid orthotics are designed to reduce edge pressure commonly associated with thermoplastic devices and to improve cosmetic appearance.

We still use thermoplastic within the design however the material is encased within a silicone matrix which allows for the thermoplastic to be low profile and specific to the areas requiring force application.  It also allows for windows to be created in your devices without the edge pressure usually associated with rigid thermoplastics.

We have created many variation in design, ranging from ankle foot orthoses to wrist hand orthoses.

For further information please call us on 0113 2528866 or use our contact us form.  To download a specification form please see our document request page.