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Posterior Cruciate (PCL) injury

What is it?

The PCL is one of four ligaments which together provide stability to the knee joint. It is a less common injury the anterior Cruciate ligament as it is a stronger than the ACL. The most common method of injury is a direct impact to the front of the tibia (shin bone) with a bent knee e.g. a tackle from the front.


When the injury occurs there is often a loud popping sound. Swelling usually occurs immediately and can be extensive. There is tenderness to touch at the injury site and also a restriction of movement, particularly in the ability to fully straighten the knee.


Where the injury does not require surgical intervention or as a protection whilst surgery can be performed the use of:

• A functional ACL knee brace to maintain knee stability and assists in preventing excessive motions in the joint caused by the now deficient ligament.