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Hip Dislocation

What is Hip Dislocation?

May be either Congenital or traumatic (caused by a sudden physical injury from an external factor). For further information on Congenital Dislocation of the Hip click here. Common causes of traumatic dislocation are falls, road traffic accidents or can be associated with hip replacements where a diseased hip joint is replaced with an artificial joint known as a Prosthesis. The hip dislocation may be associated with a fractured femur. A posterior (backward) displacement is the most common type accounting for approximately 90% of this type of injury.


Symptoms include: severe pain in the hip especially when attempting to move the joint, the leg on the affected side appearing to be shorter than the other leg, pain or numbness on the back of the thigh a deformed appearance of the affected hip joint.


Hip abduction brace will provide some mechanical restriction to joint movement as well as sensory feedback enabling the user to self-protect the joint.