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Additive Orthoses

The Additive Orthoses range by Crispin Orthotics is the result of a number of years of research and development into 3D printing and how this technology can be implemented into the orthotics sector.

3D printing revolutionises the way we think about providing orthotic products to our customers. Being able to create a device which is individual, exact and more cosmetic than current orthotic products is exciting and moves the industry forward.

The Additive Orthoses range has its own dedicated website for clinicians, click here to discover more!

Not only can we 3D print insoles, we can 3D print orthoses for any part of the body, including 3D printed AFOs, 3D printed spinal supports, wrist braces, helmets and face masks. In fact, there aren’t many orthotic devices we can’t 3D print!

We start with a 3D scan

We can scan any part of the body with our 3D scanning technology.  This provides a computer image of the affected area for our technicians to create a model to work with.  Our white light scanner is accurate to within 0.5mm!

You can visit our private clinic for a scan, or ask your Orthotist to contact us for more information.

We then use 3D modelling

The scan is then imported into our industry specific computer aided design software, Rodin4D.  This allows our 3D orthotic technicians to adapt the model to make positional changes such as increasing or reducing the angle of a joint.  We can also add pressure areas and include reliefs for less pressure tolerant areas such as your bony bits!

Then onto 3D design

The adjusted model is then sent to our 3D design software which allows the design team to create a 3D printed orthotic device around the virtual model.

Using 3D printing in Orthotics provides a greater freedom on the design of products with complex geometry and variation in the thickness of the device, producing devices not possible with current methods of manufacturing.

Then the fun begins!

Once the product is designed, it is sent to our production grade 3D printer where it is printed in nylon and finished by hand.

Our printer has a large capacity build chamber which ensures that we can create all variations of Orthotic products using materials which have been specifically chosen for durability and high strength to weight.


After letting the machine do its work, our 3D printed Additive Orthoses range can be supplied by our expert team of Orthotists, or alternatively ask your Orthotist to speak with us.

Please see the Additive Forms page here for product and specification information.

Looking for something different?

Why not speak with our 3D special project team.  We have developed 3D printed orthotics not possible with other manufacturing technology.

A recent project was the development of a 3D printed orthotic for the arm with an integrated joint at the elbow and an attachment at the end of the device which allows for the use of prosthetic devices.  Made from durable Nylon material which is also very light.