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Foot Ulcers

What are Foot Ulcers?

Ulcers are a breakdown in the protective outer layers of the skin, exposing vulnerable tissues underneath. They are caused by the following conditions in various combinations: trauma, high pressure or prolonged application of pressure, nerve damage and a reduced or compromised blood supply to the area. Ulcers are very commonly, but not exclusively, associated with people who have Diabetes.


Foot ulcers are characterised by a break in the skin. The foot may be painful and/or swollen and there may be bleeding or fluid discharge from the site of the ulcer.


The main objectives of Orthotic treatment are to reduce the pressure at the area of ulceration and/or redistribute pressure. Depending on the site of the ulcer this can be achieved using any of the following in combination with each other:

Total Contact Insoles

Rocker sole adaptations to footwear

Stock footwear

Bespoke footwear